Our 2014 plant trials produced some surprising results for our Petunias. Weather conditions really put them to the test with a frustrating mix of heat waves and summer storms but, they didn’t fail to impress.

Traditionally, petunias are the first plants to take a hit from poor British weather, especially from heavy rain. However, our robust petunias stood strong, and bounced right back after our summer downpours showing little signs of damage. They really are a must have plant for resilient summer displays!

With built in weather resistance and robust habit, our Petunia ‘Crazytunia’ Collection is a spectacular patio variety. Upright growth in never seen before colour combinations, they offer great weather resistance, flowering beautifully in pots, beds or borders, come rain or shine.


‘These stunning blooms that have lasted summer and had many comments from visitors, especially the Green with Envy and Starlight Blue which are still flowering in the garden come October’ Geoff Stonebanks, Driftwood.


Trailing ‘Surfinia’ Mixed has the longest trailing stems of any petunias! Surfinia is one of the world’s most popular trailing varieties and it is with reason. Known for their impressive flower power, weather resistance and colour ranger, this variety will provide outstanding displays from June to September.

I remember reading a blog from one of our customer trial members. Alison was not a fan of petunias, but being a trial member she grew what we gave handed to her and of course, you guessed it, we gave her Petunias! Not to our surprise Alison was converted, you can find out more here.

Why not try them, and give petunias a firm place in your garden.

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