Selecting new plants and flowers isn’t so unlike the fashion world you know..!

Our autumn catalogue range has been launched, and the first of the new varieties has begun to strutt its stuff on the catwalk..!

First up, let’s talk bulbs. I often think they’re a great place for a beginner to start, as all the goodness is already inside, all packed up and ready to go! They’re easy to plant too, and a lot less maintenance than you’d think!

Tulips… ah, how traditional! BUT, things have moved on from the humble red tulips of Amsterdam, there’s now a whole bunch of new kids on the block, from some top ‘designers’! The star of the show is undoubtedly tulip ‘Cupcakes Mixed’, which was created with a touch of serendipity. Our receptionist simply arranged a few cut blooms from our new tulip trials, but together they looked fantastic. Big, blousy, peony-inspired blooms in purple, pink, green and cream, such a fab vintage mix!

Fashions for spring

Tulip ‘Cupcakes Mixed’

Another new fashion trend in tulips is ‘dual purpose’. Tulip ‘St. George’ demonstrates this perfectly, with red and white blushed flowers, which change appearance almost every day, partnered with hosta-like, red veined leaves. Just a gorgeous combination!

Fashions for spring

Tulip ‘St. George’

Daffodils are also in vogue and what’s great about them is how some newer blends are mixing the old with the new, but with a particular focus on fragrance. Sweet, sticky, and the right side of intoxicating, ‘Sweet Aroma’ is the perfect blend, with almost every type of bloom.

Fashions for spring

Daffodil ‘Sweet Aroma’

Elegant daffs are still as popular as ever, season after season. ‘Replete’ is everyone’s favourite pink daffodil, which manages to combine pastel AND rich tones superbly. Triple-layered flowers are flamboyant, fancy and flash!

Fashions for spring

Daffodil ‘Replete’

I hope that gives you a taster of next season’s styles and colours, and that’s only daffs and tulips, you just wait until you hear how the latest primroses are looking!!

Happy Gardening,


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