New seed varieties proving popular with T&M customers.

Thompson & Morgan is pleased to announce the top 3 best-sellers from its list of newly-launched seed varieties.

Bestselling Sweet Pea 'Erewhon'

Bestselling Sweet Pea ‘Erewhon’

Sweet Pea ‘Erewhon’ along with Nasturtium ‘Crimson Emperor’ and Lobelia ‘Monsoon’ are currently topping Thompson & Morgan’s new seed variety ‘charts’. “We’re never surprised to see sweet pea varieties in our best-seller list”, says Michael Perry, T&M’s New Product Development Manager. “We know our customers love sweet peas, so we’re always on the look-out for unusual and exciting new varieties”.

‘Erewhon’ can certainly boast these characteristics, flying as it does in the face of convention with its unique and spectacular ‘reverse’ bi-colouring. Lobelia ‘Monsoon’ is another one-of-a-kind variety which not only produces beautiful deep blue flowers which cascade from baskets and window boxes, but offers the added bonus of attractive foliage which turns from green to bronze as the plants mature, giving them long-lasting appeal.

Lobelia 'Monsoon'

Lobelia ‘Monsoon’

Thompson & Morgan’s Flower of the Year, Nasturtium ‘Crimson Emperor’ also features in the top 3 best-seller list.

“I knew from the first time I saw ‘Crimson Emperor’ that our customers would love it and we were thrilled that Thomas Hoblyn chose to feature it in his award-winning garden at RHS Chelsea this year”.

Nasturtium 'Crimson Emperor' - Flower of the Year 2013

Nasturtium ‘Crimson Emperor’ – Flower of the Year 2013

Thompson & Morgan attributes the success of this beautiful nasturtium to its stunningly vibrant colouring as well as its lax, spreading habit which makes it ideal for planting as ground cover in borders, or allowed to tumble over walls and fences. It’s equally at home in containers or hanging baskets, making it a very versatile option for gardens next summer.

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