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Take advice from these expert houseplant bloggers
Image: Houseplant ‘Urban Jungle’ Collection from T&M

Growing indoor plants is fun, rewarding and even good for your health. House plants purify the air, help counteract mould and fungi, and the sight of foliage and flowers in the midst of winter is a great morale booster. 

To help you get started on your indoor gardening adventure, we’ve scoured the web for some of the best indoor gardening blogs. Here are expert hints and tips to help you create your own indoor oasis, plus new ideas for what to plant and how to propagate.

Jane Perrone

Jane Perrone standing amongst cacti

Jane Perrone hosts the popular ‘On The Ledge’ podcast
Image: Jane Perrone/Flower Council of Holland

Are you a bit of a houseplant killer? If so, try growing succulents like Jane Perrone’s favourite, the gingham golf ball. Highly resilient, succulents don’t mind a bit if you crank up the central heating. In fact, Jane says, the only thing they really don’t enjoy is “sitting in a saucer of water, so make sure it can drain away.

If you’re new to growing houseplants, or you’d just like a little extra insight into what to grow and how, do check out Jane Perrone’s podcast – On The Ledge. A journalist with a passion for indoor plants, Jane is a regular contributor to the national gardening press.


Maidenhair in a Diptyque candle

A candle jar makes for a surprisingly simple self-watering system
Image: Greengrow

I used to believe that the maidenhair fern was an incredibly high maintenance plant, but now I know that with the right conditions, they THRIVE,” says the writer behind Greengrow, a wonderful blog about indoor growing. A plant that has a reputation for dying, this blogger takes a struggling fern, a candle jar, and makes a simple self-watering system to turn things around.

Greengrow features some wonderful photography as well as inspirational ideas for growing plants indoors. Have you always fancied growing bonsai trees? Let Greengrow run you through the process, beginning with growing from seed. This step-by-step guide shows you exactly what you need to do to create your own miniature forest.

Garden Withindoors

Follow this masterclass in forcing hyacinths
Image: Garden Withindoors

There is something life-affirming and primal about growing indoors when life is dormant outside,” says Julie at Garden Withindoors. Her passion for, and expertise at forcing bulbs to bloom during the winter makes her blog a must for anyone who would like to add some colour and cheer to the darker months.

Join Julie and her cats – Polly Pocket, Socks, Victor, Scarecrow, and new kitten Rocket – for a masterclass in growing winter-blooming bulbs. This blog is packed with info for indoor growers – do check out the first of Julie’s forced hyacinths, a fascinating insight into a new way to grow.

The House Plant and Urban Jungle Blog

Boris from The House Plant and Urban Jungle Blog

Boris Dadvisard runs The House Plant and Urban Jungle Blog
Image: The House Plant and Urban Jungle Blog

Keen to try something new? How about planting some amazing scented plants for your kitchen? The House Plant and Urban Jungle Blog has some excellent suggestions for you – think jasmine, orchids and lots of lovely culinary herbs – they’re just the thing to inspire you when you’re wondering what to have for dinner.

I wanted to spend less time looking after my plants…but still have them everywhere in my flat,” says Boris Dadvisard, the man behind The House Plant and Urban Jungle Blog! If you’d like to achieve a home filled with beautiful plants, begin with this excellent guide for beginner indoor jungle growers. From what to grow, to how to grow it, it’s all here.

Planet House Plant

Begonia from Planet House Plant

Caroline’s begonia flowered even from a cutting
Image: Planet House Plant

Begonia, peace lily, and anthurium are just three of the many houseplants that will flower in relatively gloomy UK conditions, says Caroline of Planet House Plant. Which is nothing short of miraculous when you consider that many of these plants “would have never seen us coming; being moved 3000 miles to live in a box was never gonna be in their genes.

I can help you not kill your plants,” says Caroline. She explains that once, like many of us, she would kill anything apart from the toughest of survivors, but now she grows nearly a hundred plants in her “tiny, dark, damp house in the middle of nowhere in North Yorkshire.” If you’d like to grow houseplants successfully, check out Caroline’s care guides to find out how.

Desert Plants of Avalon

Mammillaria cactus from Desert Plants Avalon

This ‘Mammillaria’ cactus has the most amazing pink flowers
Image: Desert Plants of Avalon

If, when you think of cacti, the image of a wizened spiky thing gathering dust on the windowsill comes to mind, you’ll be wowed by Lyn’s pics of her home desert in vibrant bloom. From yellows and oranges to vibrant cerise, the colours are amazing. In fact, for anyone with even the slightest interest in cacti and succulents, Desert Plants of Avalon is a must.

The blog of desert plant expert Lyn, who lives and grows these fascinating plants in the less than arid conditions of Belfast in Northern Ireland, there’s a wealth of information here to get you started on your own growing journey. Do take a look at Lyn’s YouTube channel for helpful, friendly advice.

The Joy of Plants

Aloe Vera gel from The Joy of Plants

Aloe Vera gel is easy to make
Image: The Joy of Plants

Inner retreat” is the latest trend in the indoor houseplant world, say the guys at The Joy of Plants. This industry insider’s guide to what’s hot and what’s not includes some wonderful houseplant ideas. Like eye-catching indoor tree, Beaucarnea, and calming shade-dwelling ferns – there’s plenty of inspiration on offer here.

The Joy of Plants is an initiative from the Flower Council of Holland. Aimed to support and encourage people to grow houseplants, it’s a great source of free information on everything from creating your own orchid jungle to making your own aloe vera gel, and much more.


Laura from Houseplant House

Laura’s blog is full of tutorials and guides on caring for your houseplants

Looking for a funky epiphytic cactus (one that grows on another plant) to add interest to your home decor? Try fishbone cactus (otherwise known as zig-zag plant) says Laura of HOUSEPLANTHOUSE. “Its structural presence makes it a versatile choice for hanging in a planter, or adding personality to a plant shelf.” For this and other great houseplant ideas and how-tos, this blog is a must.

Laura is a self-confessed “houseplant lover, writer, photographer, collector of old furniture and interiors obsessive.” Choc-full of creative houseplant ideas and how-tos, this blog is a must. Looking for a suitable houseplant potting mix? Laura gives you her secret recipe.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our rundown of some of the best indoor gardening and houseplant-focussed blogs. Share photos of your favourite houseplants over on Facebook or Twitter – we love to hear from you!

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