The ultimate guide to preserving fresh produce

Collection of preserved vegetables and fruits

Everything you need to know to preserve fresh produce for your freezer and pantry
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What better way to deal with a glut, eat healthy food, and be more self-sufficient than by preserving your seasonal harvests? Here we take a look at five different ways to make the most of your fruit and vegetable plants by preserving the surplus for future use. 

From freezing to pickling, and drying to bottling, we give you the basics of each method. We’ve also asked some of our favourite bloggers to share their handy hints – preserving is easy, fun and guaranteed to make winter meals way more tasty.


The best way to preserve apples

Apple 'Appletini' from T&M

You can do a lot with a bumper crop of apples
Image: Apple ‘Appletini’ from Thompson & Morgan

If you’re wondering what to do with a bumper haul of apples, never fear, there are plenty of ways to preserve your crop. We turned to some of our favourite bloggers for advice, asking them how they deal with an apple glut. 

Here are some of the best ways to store and preserve this most traditional of British fruits, along with top tips from those who’ve been there, done that and have the chutney to show for it! Inspired to grow a few more varieties? Take a look at our excellent selection of apple trees here.


Eight best chutney recipes

Chutney in kilner jars

Turn your gluts into chutney and enjoy the taste of summer for seasons to come
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Originating in India, chutney was brought back to Britain during colonial times and quickly became a popular way to preserve gluts of fresh produce. Not only does the delicious flavour liven up any dish, chutney is a great way to avoid waste and enjoy healthy, seasonal ingredients throughout the entire year. 

There’s still time to get growing – order a few garden ready vegetable plants to pop into gaps in your veg patch, herbaceous border or patio containers. And when you’re ready, here are 8 chutney recipes, courtesy of some of our favourite bloggers, to help you preserve your healthy homegrown produce at its best:

  1. Spiced apple chutney
  2. Rhubarb chutney
  3. Runner bean chutney
  4. Tomato chutney
  5. Summer chutney
  6. Turnip chutney
  7. Beetroot chutney
  8. Spicy Christmas chutney


Herbs masterclass: best expert content

Golden Feverfew flowers from Thompson & Morgan

Herbs like feverfew attract pollinators and provide an edible crop
Image: Feverfew from Thompson & Morgan

Here’s everything you need to know to grow your own herbs. Hugely versatile, herbs are great for adding flavour to food, making fresh tea and even feeding to other plants. Take a look through these independent blog articles, YouTube videos and Instagram posts for a wealth of top growing tips. Want to grow your own? Browse our wide range of herb seeds or pick up a few herb plants to get your kitchen garden off to a flying start.


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