Herbs masterclass: best expert content

Golden Feverfew flowers from Thompson & Morgan

Herbs like feverfew attract pollinators and provide an edible crop
Image: Feverfew from Thompson & Morgan

Here’s everything you need to know to grow your own herbs. Hugely versatile, herbs are great for adding flavour to food, making fresh tea and even feeding to other plants. Take a look through these independent blog articles, YouTube videos and Instagram posts for a wealth of top growing tips. Want to grow your own? Browse our wide range of herb seeds or pick up a few herb plants to get your kitchen garden off to a flying start.


Growing berries in pots and containers

Cranberry Pilgrim from London Plantology

Cranberry Pilgrim
Image source: London Plantology

There are many ways to grow fruit plants & berries in small spaces – wild strawberries in window boxes, a vertical wall of cranberries, dwarf raspberries in hanging baskets or blueberries in pots on the patio. Plant your containers now and you’ll get heavenly fragrance throughout the summer and a wonderful harvest with which to make delicious jams and cordials to last throughout the winter!


Brassicas and winter veg masterclass: best expert content

Kale 'Midnight Sun' from T&M

With excellent frost hardiness, this is a fantastic plant to grow when fresh garden produce is scarce!
Image: Kale ‘Midnight Sun’ from Thompson & Morgan

Do you want ideas for second crops to extend your vegetable growing season beyond summer? Or perhaps you want to know what vegetables to plant this autumn and overwinter for the spring? 

We’ve sourced some of the best independent content from the internet to help you sow your own brassica and leafy green seeds. These experienced garden bloggers share expert advice on growing broccoli, kale, chicory, kalettes and more. But if you’ve missed the boat for seeds, brassica plug plants are a great option too. Here’s everything you need to know to successfully grow wonderful winter veg. 


Ferns masterclass: best expert content

ostrich fern from The Garden Collection

Awarded an RHS Award of Garden Merit, Ostrich Ferns are ideal for shady borders
Copyright: The Garden Collection

If you love ferns and want to fill your garden with their calming, green and delicate fronds, we’ve sourced some of the best independent content from the internet to help you succeed. With advice on where and how to plant them, feeding, dividing, pruning and even suggestions for new varieties to try, these experienced garden bloggers have a wealth of knowledge to share. Here’s everything you need to know to grow your own fabulous ferns.


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