Customer trial panel member Bijal has been testing plants for Thompson & Morgan for a few years. He has just joined the blogging team and will be giving updates on his garden throughout the year.

Customer trial panel member profile - Bijal Mistry

Bijal Mistry

I started gardening as a child helping my mum planting baskets and tubs. I clearly remember going to the garden centre on Sundays every week without fail!

Having studied design through college and university and also working with home furnishings as my career, I feel that I am a fashion and design conscious person. However my garden is where I can go completely mad and experiment with all types of colours, shapes and forms without batting an eyelid at rules!

I love over the top, in your face bedding plant displays and the front garden and majority of the back garden is where I go wild with containers and baskets of all shapes and sizes.

The garden itself is a typical front and back that you would find with a semi-detached house.The front faces due south, so bedding plants love it here and I can even grow a few exotic things too, even on the outskirts of Manchester!

Over the years I have won many prizes for the garden in local Britain in Bloom competitions. My biggest win to date was in 2011 when I won 1st prize in the Front Garden Category of the Garden News magazine’s annual competition.

I have been trialing plants for T&M now for about 4 years and it has allowed me to try things which I would not normally grow, especially veg.

In an ideal world I would love to have an allotment and also an area where I can grow my own cut flowers. I would also like to be the holder of national collections of tuberous begonias and poinsettias, as these are my favourite plants. I probably wouldn’t have a social life or any friends, but I would be happy being surrounded by plants!

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