The latest Thompson & Morgan customer trial panel member to join the blogging team is Shirley Reynolds.

Customer trial panel member profile - Shirley Reynolds

Shirley Reynolds

Gardening is my every day pleasure. I just love to see the daily changes of bare soil being hidden by wonderful coloured flowers.

I tend my small garden like a mother does her baby! Up early, out early in the garden just to see what has grown overnight – it is amazing what grows in the dark. I talk about my garden and plants like a mum does her baby too! And yes, I am like Prince Charles… I do talk to them.

My garden is 27′ wide 20′ deep – small, but every bit of space is used. It is facing S.S.E and enclosed by high wall and high fencing, so it can get the sun all day long. It’s also sheltered, except when very windy – it just whips around. I live on an estate, but pretty close to the country – in fact just a few doors away.

My favorite plant has to be the lily. A plant that from a small bulb, a stem up to 6′¬† will grow, then shows off a beautiful flower head with an amazing perfume. The amazing colours and details portrayed on each large flower are spellbinding.

All my flowers are planted in containers. I do this so I can change them around as they bloom or die off. I also find them more manageable. I can put the ones that need overwintering at the bottom of the garden and cover them. I also grew my vegetables also in containers, but now I have dug up my lawn…less work than mowing lawns, plus fresh veg and salad as I want it.

Hanging baskets are also a favourite – from just 8 plug plants in a container¬† they can grow to 3′ across and sometimes 4′ hanging.

I am passionate about my garden. Gardening is therapeutic and very calming. It’s full of surprises too.

What inspired me to garden? Nature and watching something grow and blossom daily. Butterflies and bees, flitting from flower to flower. Ladybirds wandering over the leaves, seeming to go around in circles. Also Michael Perry and Thompson & Morgan inspired me for producing wonderful plants and the best lilies.

Also knowing I have given my time and care to help the growing of plants that are amazing. It’s simply a worthwhile adventure, something different every day. It makes me feel worthwhile too – they need me to tend them!

It is nice talking about the plants to people and also nice to be asked how do I do this etc, so giving advice that is appreciated. That’s also my inspiration and my love for gardening.

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