More and more people are keen to get their hands into trying home-grown fruit & veg in order to cut down the cost of their weekly shop. Combined with healthy eating campaigns such as Jamie Oliver in schools, the appetite to become more self-sufficient is higher than ever.

Growing your own fruit and veg is both satisfying and healthy. The best part is; it is a lot simpler than what you might think. You don’t even need an allotment or a big to garden to be able to grow your own. If you need a little more guidance on how to grow your own fruit and veg, we have a wide range guides to help you.

Gardening technology and innovation has also come on leaps and bounds, and this innovation has allowed us to become more savvy and smarter with our gardens. New concepts such as Raspberry ‘Ruby Beauty’® mean that you can have delicious raspberries straight from your balcony or patio without the use of invasive canes. So whether you have a huge garden or lack space, everyone can enjoy the benefits of home grown fruit and veg.

fruit & veg

We want to know if our customers find one fruit & veg easier to grow than others and if our customers have a ‘favourite veg’. We took to our social media pages to find out. Topping the leader board for customer’s favourite vegetable is carrots!! Closely followed by; beans (runner and broad) potatoes and tomatoes.

Judith Allen on Twitter said ‘Carrots. Easy to grow and love them raw and cooked’.

Catherine Thomson on Facebook said ‘Carrots as they are so versatile and yummy’.

Are you crazy about carrots? Or do you have a different favourite veg? Then post your comment below.

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