How to successfully grow your TomTato® plants

How to grow TomTato™

We’ve had an amazing amount of interest in our TomTato® plants and news of the new innovation has spread throughout the world!

TomTato® is available to buy from the Thompson & Morgan website, but only to customers in the UK and only as plants. To help you get the best results from your TomTato® plants, we’ve put together a few FAQs with some top advice from our horticultural experts. We recommend bookmarking this page so that you can find it easily when your plants have been delivered.

  1. Are they resistant to blight?
    TomTato® plants have good tolerance to blight. In the last few years of trials, none of the plants in our nursery were affected by blight.
  2. How do I dig up the potatoes without destroying the tomato plant?
    The tomatoes will have finished their harvest period by the time the potatoes are ready to lift. This begins in August and goes through to late September.
  3. Are the potatoes a maincrop or a late variety?
    The potatoes in TomTato® are a late variety. We chose this variety specifically so that the tomatoes are ready to harvest first, allowing you to harvest the two crops independently of each other.How to grow TomTato™
  4. What type of plant feed should I use?
    We recommend using Chempak® Soluble Tomato Food.
  5. Which compost is best?
    Any general multipurpose type will be fine for growing TomTato®.
  6. How deep should I plant them?
    Plant them deep enough to cover the graft point on the plant stem. As the potatoes begin to form, top up the container with soil or earth up the plants if you’re growing them in open ground to stop the potatoes being exposed to sunlight and turning green.
  7. Is the tomato a bush or cordon variety?
    This particular tomato is a cordon variety that grows very quickly. You’ll need to tie the shoots to their support on a regular basis. Removing side shoots each week will also help to keep the plant healthy.
  8. How many potatoes will each plant grow?
    You’ll get approximately 15-20 potatoes from each plant, which is about 2kg.
  9. What about watering? Tomatoes need a lot, but potatoes don’t.
    As tomatoes are very thirsty during the main season (July and August) this will not be a problem – the main thing is not to overwater in the early stages before the tomatoes set fruit. Potatoes usually only suffer if they are developing in the bottom of a damp planter. With the TomTato® plants the potatoes set nearer to the middle and top layer of compost, from where the water will naturally drain.

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