It’s time for those traditional bedding favourites such as marigolds, salvias and petunias to step aside. There are some new kids in town and they’re about to show they mean business.

Penstemon ‘Wedding Bells’ Mixed

Already a top-seller within weeks of the launch of Thompson & Morgan’s Spring Catalogue, Penstemon ‘Wedding Bells’ Mixed is rapidly becoming one of this summer’s must-have plants, thanks to its suggested new use as a ‘bedding penstemon’.

Although far from traditional, the idea of using penstemon in bedding schemes is bound to catch on. The long-flowering performance of penstemon is just what’s needed for colourful beds, as plants will keep blooming right up until the frosts and are remarkably resilient and weather-tolerant. Additionally, plants won’t become blighted by rust, a curse which can spoil the appearance of snapdragons and could inhibit flowering. Penstemon ‘Wedding Bells’ Mixed is bred by Thompson &Morgan.

In recent years, the quality of foxglove breeding has improved greatly. The pick of the bunch is without a doubt Digitalis ‘Dalmatian Mixed’. This impressively quick-to-flower variety can be grown as an annual, making another ideal candidate for bedding schemes. Unlike traditional foxgloves which make a fleeting flowering appearance in May, ‘Dalmatian’ will flower throughout the summer, producing plenty of secondary blooms once the main spike has faded.

Michael Perry, New Product Development Manager said, “In the UK, we can sometimes get caught in a bit of a bedding ‘rut’, habitually planting up lack lustre marigolds which don’t really ever give us the display we hope for. By thinking differently about what we plant, we can create easier-to-care for, longer-lasting, more robust bedding displays.”

Digitalis ‘Dalmatian Mixed’

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