Yes, it is that time again and we cannot believe how quickly it has come back around. Not that we are complaining we love National Allotment Week (August 10th – 16th )! This year the focus is on a plot for all ages. No matter your age or gender, allotments bring a wealth of benefits and by highlighting them we can value our plots and preserve them for future generations.

national allotment week

The first allotments were used to grow food during the World Wars and they provided a means of labour for those in rural and poorer areas. Since then, allotments have flourished and not only do they provide a space for growing food supplies but community allotments are social spaces where gardeners can interact each other;

‘Allotments are a great way to meet new people, not only have I gained an allotment but have gained friends and a good source of companionship. We talk about general day things, children and jobs etc but they are also a good source of information. I learn from them, grow with them and together we have become savvy allotmenteers’ – Jon Parker

national allotment weekThe community spirit behind allotments is more important than ever as an increasing number of allotments are being sold to developers to create amenities such as homes and schools. Whilst we all can appreciate more houses are needed, allotments play a vital part to our well being.

I remember when we visited our local Belstead allotments to meet Mrs Christine Simpson who had managed to get funding for a composting toilet for the site. Christine says;

“We’ve got 179 plots and now, compared to a few years ago, we’re full, with a long waiting list as the demand for space to grow your own has increased. We’ve got a real mix of people, It’s a real family affair for a lot of plot holders. We’ve brought in an old shipping container to act as a secure lock-up for gardening supplies; we’ve converted an old shed into a meeting place with heaters and stoves for a warm cup of tea and provided some picnic benches for social get-togethers at weekends, but there were no toilets.”

Whether you are young or old, allotments can be enjoyed by everyone. And with caring people such as Christine, allotments can become a real community space where you can spend hours on end enjoying your crops and talking to fellow gardeners.

Do you have an allotment? Then we have the perfect competition for you! We would love to see and hear about your allotments, so send in your pictures and tell us a bit about your allotment for your chance to win a wonderful prize. You could take a photo of everyone in your allotments or a picture of your veg it really is up to you. And then tell us why your allotment is special to you.

If you would like to know more about how to get an allotment please read how with our guest blogger Michelle Stacey from BBC Big Allotment Challenge.

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