National Gardening Week starts next Monday and focuses on growing wildflowers…

National Gardening Week 15th-21st April 2013

Support wildlife by growing wildflowers

Wildlife in gardens has been on the decline for the last 50 years, mostly because of a reduction of wildflowers in the countryside.

The aim of this year’s National Gardening Week is to encourage people to grow more wildflowers in their own gardens and to create wildflower ‘meadows’ – you can do it in a small patch of garden, it doesn’t have to be a large space!

Events are taking place across the country, including garden tours, activities for children, ‘mini-meadow’ workshops and many more. You can even register your own event – click on the links on the National Gardening Week website to find out how to organise an event.

Plants for pollinators

National Gardening Week 15th-21st April 2013

RHS Perfect for Pollinators – look out for this logo

Look out for the ‘RHS Perfect for Pollinators’ logo in Thompson & Morgan’s catalogues and in its online range. The RHS also has a page dedicated to plants that attract wildlife.


Plants for wildlife

National Gardening Week 15th-21st April 2013

Cornflower ‘Blue Diadem’ – attracts bees, butterflies and birds

Find out more about growing plants to attract wildlife – our ‘Plants for Wildlife’ page features a wealth of information on what you can sow and grow in your own garden to help beneficial insects and birds.

You’ll find lists of spring-flowering, summer-flowering and late summer/autumn-flowering plants to help you choose the right plants for your garden at the right time.

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