Vivacious new varieties to fill your garden with colour in 2024

T&M is proud to launch its fantastic new flower seed range for 2024, including sensational sunflowers and snapdragons, fiery zinnias, exquisite nasturtiums and giant-flowered rudbeckia.

New range highlights 2024

Salt-resistant sunflowers!

Image shows Thompson and Morgan new flower seed range 2024 Sunflower ‘Beaches Mix’ shown as cut flowers in a clear glass vases on an office desk with a blurred background of wooden desktop, notepad and keyboard. Five blooms are shown, in shades of yellow, orange and burgundy, with chocolate-brown eyes.

Sunflower ‘Beaches Mix’

Helianthus deblis
Hardy Annual

Sunflower ‘Beaches Mix’ is ideal for growing in coastal gardens and other challenging locations. Unlike other sunflowers, these bushy plants are fast-growing, spreading by runners to anchor themselves in the ground, with flexible stems help prevent snapping.

This hardy annual helianthus boasts great drought-tolerance, coupled with resistance to salt spray, sea winds and poor, dry soils.

Impressively long flowering season

Tough but graceful, ‘Beaches Mix’ will produce an abundance of showy yellow flowers with dark centres from July to October, with each sunny bloom measuring approximately 7cm in diameter.

Great for wildlife or cutting gardens

A magnet for beneficial pollinators and with elegant, elongated stems, ‘Beaches Mix’ is a wonderful choice for wildlife gardens and makes a superb cut flower for indoor displays.

Image shows Thompson and Morgan new flower seed range 2024 Sunflower ‘Beaches Mix’ shown as plants growing in a garden border, with blooms in shades of yellow, orange and burgundy, with chocolate-brown eyes.

Sow: March to June
Flowers: July to October
Height: 1.5m (5ft)
Spread: 60cm (24in)


Zinnias with marvellous Mexican colour!

Image shows Thompson and Morgan new flower seed range 2024 Zinnia ‘Macarenia’ shown as a single bloom in close up. The large, double blooms are comprised of tens of small pink petals, each with a yellow end, with a central pink disk surrounded with yellow for a bold look.

Zinnia ‘Macarenia’

Zinnia elegans
Half-hardy Annual

Scarlet petals dipped in gold

Zinnias were a favourite flower of the Aztecs and ‘Macarenia’ is a variety that simply sizzles with bold Mexican colour and make fabulously long-lasting cut flowers for the home.

Big, bold blooms!

This Fleuroselect award winner boasts big, fully double blooms measuring up to 7cm across. Its scarlet petals appear dipped in gold, offering a dazzling display from July to October.

Thompson and Morgan new flower seed 2024 - Zinnia Macarenia. image shows about 10 of these flowers in full blooms, growing outdoors, surrounded by mid-green foliage. The blooms are made of tens of tiny golden-yellow petals, with a ring od red petals at the centre.

Sow: April to June
Plant: May to June
Flowers: July to October
Height: 50-75cm (20-29in)
Spread: 50cm (20in)


Up the ante with an improved double Antirrhinum!

Image shows Thompson and Morgan new flower seed range 2024 Antirrhinum ‘Sweet Duet' F1 shown as a blooms growing in a garden planter on a gravel garden path. The planter is made of light-green painted corrugated steel. The large, snapdragon blooms are open in shades of salmon-pink, cream, yellow and burgundy, borne above lush green foliage.

Antirrhinum ‘Sweet Duet’ F1

Half-hardy Annual

Antirrhinum ‘Sweet Duet’ boasts improved double blooms and flower size compared to other varieties, coupled with a delicate fragrance to delight the senses.

A pretty palette & petite plants

Blooming in a pretty palette of colours, you’ll love the fruity peach, salmon, deep-red and apple blossom-pink flowers borne on vigorous, strongly-branched plants.

Suitable for autumn and spring sowing, grow in borders or patio containers where you can fully appreciate their fragrance and cut some stems for a scented display indoors.

Sow: January to March
Flowers: May to August
Height: 40cm (15in)
Spread: To 35cm (14in)


Soft salmon-coloured flowers on compact plants

Image shows Thompson and Morgan new flower seed range 2024 Nasturtium 'Alaska Salmon' shown in close-up on a plant in full bloom. The flowers are pale salmon-pink to orange with yellow centres and are surrounded by light-green foliage marbled with white. The leaves are almost round in shape.

Nasturtium ‘Alaska Salmon’

Tropaeolum majus
Indian Cress
Half-hardy Annual

Nasturtium ‘Alaska Salmon‘ produces soft salmon-coloured flowers on compact plants, with attractive marbled foliage that offers an eye-catching display even before the flowers emerge.

Dwarf variety perfect for borders or containers

Awarded an RHS Award of Garden Merit for its garden performance, this pretty plant will grow happily in beds, borders and even containers with a non-trailing habit.

Sow: March to May
Flowers: June to September
Height and spread: 40cm (16in)



A giant-flowered rudbeckia from seed!

Image shows Thompson and Morgan new flower seed range 2024 Rudbeckia 'Kokardas' shown in close-up on a single bloom. The large blooms has slender petals radiating out from a central brown eye. Each petal is burnt-orange fading to yellow at the tip.

Rudbeckia ‘Kokardas’

Rudbeckia hirta
Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan
Half-hardy Annual

Ravishing Rudbeckia ‘Kokardas‘ forms short plants reaching just 40cm high, each producing over 20 huge flowers measuring up to 14cm across.

Big, bicolour blooms!

Highly praised in recent RHS garden trials, ‘Kokardas’ produces beautiful bicolour blooms of golden yellow with a brown halo surrounding each dark eye.

Brilliant for beds, borders and containers, this rudbeckia flowers right up until the first frosts and shows excellent weather-tolerance.

Sow: February to May
Flowers: June to October
Height and spread: 40cm (16in)


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