Versatile new varieties to fill your plot & plate next year

Thompson & Morgan is proud to launch its fantastic new fruit and vegetable seed range for 2024, including heart-shaped cherry tomatoes, fast-growing chillies, black-coloured peppers, sweeter-tasting broccoli and super-sized basil.

New range highlights 2024

A tasty tomato to steal your heart with its looks & flavour

Closeup of cross section of heart shaped tomatoes

Tomato ‘Heartbreakers Vita’ F1

Tomato ‘Heartbreakers Vita’ F1

Solanum lycopersicum

‘Heartbreakers Vita’ boasts beautiful heart-shaped fruit – a shape that’s fully revealed when the cherry-sized fruits are halved for salads and garnishes.
Sweet & juicy
This productive little bush tomato plant variety has excellent vigour, producing masses of juicy fruits with tender skins and a great, sweet taste rating 8 on the Brix scale.
Great for patio pots
Reaching a height of just 50cm, this petite plant is perfect for growing in patios, pots, window boxes and in the greenhouse on staging.

Container full of heart shaped tomatoes

Tomato ‘Heartbreakers Vita’ F1

Sow: February to April
Harvest: July to October
Height: 50cm (20in)
Spread: 35cm (14in)

Tomato ‘Heartbreakers Vita’ F1
Code: KF2515
6 Seeds

A super-fast maturing & compact chilli

Chilli peppers in container

Chilli Pepper ‘Quick Fire’ F1

Chilli Pepper ‘Quick Fire’ F1

A hot chilli with a Scoville Rating of 40,000 SHU, ‘Quick Fire’ is the fastest UK variety currently available, maturing in as little as 65 days from sowing.
Edible & ornamental
‘Quick Fire’ is an ornamental variety, bearing conical chillies that grow with an upward habit as they mature from green to red, with fruiting that can continue for up to three months.
Compact & perfect for windowsill growing
This compact chilli is great for growing in smaller spaces, thriving in containers and even on small windowsills. It’s ideal for year-round growing indoors in a sunny spot or in a heated glasshouse – simply sow successionally from January to June.

Closeup of red chillies 'Quickfire'

Chilli Pepper ‘Quick Fire’ F1

Sow: February to April
Plant: May June
Harvest: July to October
Height and spread: 15cm (6in)

Chilli Pepper ‘Quick Fire’ F1
Code: KF2499
6 Seeds

Attractive black fruits ripen to bright red

White container with red and purple chillies

Sweet Pepper ‘Mamba Sweet’
Copyright: Prudac / Visions BV, Netherlands

Sweet Pepper ‘Mamba Sweet’ F1 Seeds

Capsicum annuum

Upright and bushy, pepper ‘Mamba Sweet’ forms attractive plants that are perfect for growing in large containers or in the greenhouse or polytunnel, with unsual black peppers that ripen to bright red.
Easy to see and pick, plants produce masses of sweet and crunchy peppers that point downwards when they ripen.
Sow: March to April
Harvest: July to October
Height: 80cm (32in)
Spread: 50cm (20in)
Sweet Pepper ‘Mamba Sweet’ F1 Seeds
Code: KF2509
6 Seeds

A sweeter-tasting cross between calabrese & stem broccoli

Broccoli mixed calabrese against blue sky

Broccoli (Easy Floret) ‘Skytree’ F1

Broccoli (Easy Floret) ‘Skytree’ F1

Brassica oleracea L. convar. botrytis (L.) Alef. var. cymosa Duch.

A cross between calabrese and stem broccoli, ‘Skytree F1’ has a sweeter flavour, with well-segmented heads that are easy to divide into florets in the kitchen.
Quick maturing & easy to harvest
 ‘Skytree’ is a quick maturing variety, ready to harvest 65-75 days  after sowing. Easy to harvest, a large head rises above a strong, mostly leafless stem for quick picking. Heads are uniform, with minimal yellow halo on the florets compared to other varieties.
Sow: March to June
Harvest: July to November
Height and spread: 60cm (24in)
Broccoli (Easy Floret) ‘Skytree’ F1
Code: KF2517
15 Seeds


A super-sized basil with purple leaves!

Hand holding purple basil leaf

Basil (Lettuce Leaved) ‘Sally’
Copyright: Rob Smith’s Allotment

Basil (Lettuce Leaved) ‘Sally’

Ocimum basilicum

Basil ‘Sally’ boasts big leaves with the same soft texture and intense, clove-like flavour as their smaller cousins. Their large size makes them perfect for wrapping around meat, fish or veg before barbecuing or roasting.
A highly ornamental edible
A lovely addition for the ‘Potager’, herb garden or summer containers, this large ‘lettuce-leaved’ variety produces softly crinkled leaves flushed with dark purple. The fabulously fragrant foliage looks great growing alongside hot-coloured annuals like as Calendula.
Sow: February to June
Harvest: June to October
Height: 45cm (18in)
Spread: 30cm (12in)
Basil (Lettuce Leaved) ‘Sally’
Code: KF2520
150 Seeds

T&M’s new vegetable seeds 2024

Discover new vegetable seeds at Thompson & Morgan including exciting varieties of tomatoes, chillies, brassicas and herbs. With innovative improvements in taste, look and resilience, these new veg seeds will invigorate next season’s harvest.

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