What a lovely day, a day out of the office and back to the Private Estate where I work as a Gardener.
I have been here for about fourteen years and have seen the garden develop, hedges have been removed, planting changed, refreshed and new borders developed.
It has been an unseasonable day for February, bright skies and warm sunshine, I won’t complain. Spring is around the corner!

So, today’s job was to plant a Tree Peony Collection I had ordered. Within the collection, Paeonia suffruticosa, are ‘Ruby’, ‘White Crane’ and ‘Lu’s Pink’.
I chose this collection as I particularly like the lime green leaves with the rich cerise pink flower of ‘Ruby’ and the double petals of the lovely ‘Lu’s Pink’. ‘White Crane’ has a lovely open habit of the flowers.

Bare Root Peonyx2


This is how the Peonies arrive, they need a soak for at least an hour to hydrate the roots.

Right now, is the perfect time to plant bare rooted plants. Bare root plants or trees are supplied in a dormant state and can be transported and planted at this time of year. Then when the warmer weather comes, they can burst into life.

I dug site holes in the border before planting, I removed any weeds from the area around the holes. There is perennial Geranium phaem ‘Mourning Widow’ starting to grow in and around the area I am planting the Peonies. These will look great!
I added some Chicken Manure pellets to the planting hole for a slow release feed as they will be hungry when establishing.

Bare Root Peony


All Bare root plants need to be well watered in, and then regularly watered afterwards, while they are establishing themselves during the first season in their new position.

It does look like you are planting a ‘stick’ but I can safely say, you will enjoy seeing your newly planted plant ‘Spring’ into life.

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