Plug plants – which size is best for you?

It’s all-go in the garden now that the sun has finally decided to make an appearance, but knowing which plug plants to buy can be a bit confusing. They all need different levels of care and, if you’re not sure what you’re buying, you could end up with something that’s not quite what you expected.

Plug plants - which size is best for you?

Geranium ‘Jackpot’ F1 – perfect in containers

Let’s start with the smallest – the mini-plug and plug plants. These are generally 4-8cm from the compost/root base to the tip of the plant. If you’re buying mini-plugs or plug plants, you will need somewhere frost-free to grow them on. A greenhouse is best, but a cold frame or windowsill will do the trick. Once you’ve grown them on, you can plant them out, either into your beds and borders or hanging baskets and containers. Do keep an eye on the weather forecast – if there’s even a hint of frost, make sure you cover your plants with horticultural fleece to protect them.


Plug plants - which size is best for you?

Petunia ‘Trailing Surfinia’ Mixed – stunning in hanging baskets

If you haven’t got anywhere to grow these tender plug plants on, don’t despair! Many of Thompson & Morgan’s plants are also available as jumbo plugs or garden-ready plants. As their names suggest, jumbo plug plants and garden-ready plants are bigger – 8-12cm – and can be planted out straight away. It’s always a good idea to have some fleece to hand, just in case a harsh frost is forecast – you’ll give your young plants a much better chance of survival.


Plug plants - which size is best for you?

Postiplugs – new ‘slimline’ plug plants that fit through most letterboxes

You may also have seen Postiplugs™ in our latest catalogues and online. We wanted to make it easier for plants to be delivered, so we redesigned our larger plug plants so that the packaging would fit through most letterboxes. This means the plants are delivered sooner and arrive fresher – and no more annoying trips to the sorting office for you.

To find out more about the different plant sizes that we sell, please click here to read our ‘How we grow and send your plants’ page.

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