The sweetest tomato you’ll ever taste – or your money back

The sweetest tomato you’ll ever taste - or your money back

Tomato Sweet Aperitif

‘I’m so confident you won’t be disappointed, that I’ll give you your money back if you don’t think this is the best tomato you’ve ever tasted’.

This is the strong pronouncement from Paul Hansord, managing director of Thompson & Morgan which sells the amazingly sweet-tasting tomato, Sweet Aperitif. He states categorically that this variety produces the very best-tasting tomatoes available.

‘It’s 20 years since I discovered the now hugely popular orange-skinned tomato variety, Sungold, which at the time took tomato flavour to a new level. Since then I’ve tried 100’s of new tomato varieties and none have beaten Sungold on taste. That is, until I tasted Sweet Aperitif. It has a wonderfully sweet flavour and a remarkably thin skin. Everyone should try it – I’m convinced it’s going to be the next best-selling red-skinned tomato’.

Sweet Aperitif has already topped taste tests; a fact which usually preempts a variety becoming the one that everyone wants to grow at home. Gardeners and allotmenteers can grow Sweet Aperitif indoors or outside. When grown in a greenhouse, growers can expect to harvest 500+ bite-sized and flavourful tomatoes over a 6 month cropping period, even enjoying fresh, home-grown tomatoes at Christmas! Outdoor yields will also be higher than most families can eat, saving £’s on supermarket shopping bills as a result.

The sweetest tomato you’ll ever taste - or your money back

Tomato waterer – easier watering & no run-off!

For even better results when growing tomatoes, Paul Hansord recommends these handy waterers. ‘If, like me, you grow your tomatoes in a grow bag, they can be a nightmare to water. These waterers mean there’s no run-off as the one gallon reservoir allows the water to ‘percolate’ into the compost. I have less split tomatoes now and the waterers last for a good 3 seasons, making them very cost effective’.

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