Fuchsias are extremely versatile with a variety on the market suitable for most situations. Few other plants perform so well in the garden with so little upkeep, even the tender types can make it through winter with minimal protection. Fuchsia plants are easy to grow, long-lasting and make the perfect addition for hanging baskets and tower pots. Here are our top 10 fuchsia plants.

hardy fuchsia 1. Climbing Fuchsia ‘Pink Fizz’ – Our new ‘Pink Fizz’ challenges common climbers like honeysuckle and clematis as unlike these varieties, it produces blooms all the way along each stem. This variety offers blocks of vibrant vertical colour, perfect for walls and trellis. Flowers June through to September.

2. Fuchsia ‘Giants Collection’ – With blooms up to 10cm across, these turbo charged trailers guarantee a stunningly colourful display all summer. Perfect basket plant or add to window boxes, flower pouches and containers.

fuchsia plants3. Fuchsia ‘Bella Collection’ – These new style flowers are real show-offs, designed for window boxes and patio containers. Unlike your traditional fuchsia varieties, bella’s blooms are outward AND upward facing, meaning no more hidden blooms.

For more information on how to grow fuchsias click here.

4. Fuchsia ‘trailing’ mixed – Fill your hanging baskets and window boxes with these colourful trailing fuchsias. These fuchsia plants boast stunning double blooms that cascade all summer long.

fuchsia plants5. Fuchsia ‘Beauty Queen’ – This hardy fuchsia variety has the largest blooms of any hardy fuchsia. ‘Beauty Queen’ really turned heads when it was launched in 2014, so if you are after a show piece in your garden, this is the variety for you. They’ll become a staple feature in your borders due to their reliable habit.

6. Fuchsia ‘Hawkshead’ – This beautifully elegant fuchsia boasts dark green leafy stems, hung with dainty white flowers with trace of green at the petal tips. This hardy fuchsia plant will flower non-stop from early summer to autumn.

fuchsia plants7. Hardy Fuchsia Arborescens – This Mexican blueberry is a variety of upright, shrubby fuchsia, sometimes referred to as ‘tree fuchsia’. The juicy, soft and edible fruits appear in abundance after the unusual sprays of lilac-like pink blooms.

8. Fuchsia ‘White King’ – This purest white fuchsia plant makes the ideal basket addition for brightening shady spots where they seemingly glow in the dark. Flowers May through to October.

fuchsia plants9. Hardy Fuchsia ‘Garden News’ –“Quick to flower and consistently covered with large and frilly flowers” said Which? Gardening. It’s strong garden performance led to a Best Buy award.

10. Fuchsia ‘Eruption’ – The most prolific fuchsia variety! Eruption by name, eruption by nature! This stunning fuchsia looks incredible tumbling from a basket. At peak season you’ll struggle to see foliage through a globe of pendulous finger-like blooms. No other fuchsia plant can match ‘Eruption’ for its show stopping flower power. This is a must have fuchsia for all hanging basket gardeners – the cheerful pink flowers will just keep coming right through to autumn.



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