Summer is here and correct me if I’m wrong, but the weather is being quite well-behaved so far. The occasional storm is actually a positive for the plants, giving them a good soak. The rain will encourage leafy growth, meaning you get even bushier plants, with the potential for more blooms! But, it is also the time of year where we go on holiday to enjoy the sunshine and watering becomes an issue, so how can you keep your garden looking great during these periods?

An occasional down pour can be great for plants in borders, but the rain doesn’t always get into patio pots. The dense canopy of leaves means rainfall will often bounce off, so watering by hand (or setting up an irrigation system) can’t be beaten. There are some really efficient systems now available, often with computerised timers, so you won’t have to forgo those weekends away!

holiday watering

You could consider asking a neighbour to water them for you, it might even give them the gardening bug! When you go away try to move the plants into a shaded area, this will cause them to dry out a little less. Remember how thirsty tomato plants can be. Plenty of water and feed will give you bumper crops. Try to be consistent though, to avoid problems with fruit set. Our tomato auto-watering collars are a great way of getting water directly to the plant roots. This is especially useful in grow bags, where water runoff can be an issue.

holiday watering
Our Water Wizard™  is always really handy for watering flower pouches effectively, and can be used with any drinks bottle! The spike means water gets down deeper, and is more evenly distributed, into the pouch.  Why not try them in patio pots?

holiday watering

Feed is so important! A top dressing of Incredibloom® RIGHT NOW will give the effect of your plants supping an energy drink! But will last much longer. Remember that Incredibloom® gives more bountiful growth, more stems, more leaves, AND more flowers!!

How do you keep your garden watered whilst you are away? We would love to hear your ideas so please post your tips and advice below.

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