Have you ever been left puzzled for days on end, trying to remember the name of that plant in your border? We’ve all been there – racking our memory for an elusive plant name! What if you could catalogue your plants online so that their names were all there at your fingertips? Even better, if you received personalised, timely care information to tell you exactly what needs doing in your garden.

And then there’s all that time spent trawling books to figure out what those bugs are? Wouldn’t life be simpler if you could just message a ‘real-life’ horticultural expert and get a fast, personal reply?

Well, all of that is now possible with an impressive app called SmartPlant™. Whether you are new to gardening or a green-fingered guru, this innovative app makes plant care simple.

The SmartPlant™ app offers plant identification, a calendar of growing tips tailored to your own garden, pest and disease identification and advice, expert chat, and plant suggestions based around your gardens growing conditions. Better still, you can connect SmartPlant™ with your Alexa device to receive your plant care advice, even if you’re up to your eyeballs in soil! With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why Thompson & Morgan have teamed up with SmartPlant™, to help their customers get the very best from their house and garden plants.

PLUS, Thompson & Morgan customers can access a month of premium membership for FREE with promo code tmsp

Get started now by downloading on the iTunes app store or Google play

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