Here at Thompson & Morgan we strive to excel in customer service, to be able to provide you with top quality products, expert advice and a no fuss approach to gardening. That being said, we know that there is always room for improvement and this year we have made a few changes and added new lines to help you create your dream gardens.

what's new at thompson & morganQuality control is better than ever this year. We have appointed Peter as our Quality control Manager and plants are being triple checked before they are posted to you in our new and improved packaging. So, what do we look for?

1. Size
2. Healthy foliage
3. Strong root system
4. Moisture levels

Most importantly we ask ourselves ‘Would I be happy to receive this plant?’ If the answer is no then the plant is rejected.


How your plants are packed.

what's new at thompson & morganWe understand that when you order plants online, there is always some hesitation as you cannot see, feel and pick your own plants. That is why we use specially designed containers to prevent dehydration and protect your plants from any bruises. Before your plants leave, our dedicated staff check to ensure optimal levels of moisture for the plants journey.

Sometimes you may find yourself placing an order for a product that won’t be delivered for another couple of months, or maybe longer. This is because we deliver your plants in top condition and at the optimum time for planting or potting on. Until then, your plants are being carefully looked after by our plantsman until they are ready for despatch. If in doubt, you can always log in to our new my orders service where you can track your order.


New Varieties

With 160 years of horticultural and mail order know-how under our belts, we are now putting our skills to the test by offering you a great range of instant impact plants in larger containers for immediate effect in the garden. We are extremely proud to be able to provide you with a new range of larger plants, all with a track record for hardiness, ease of care and excellent garden performance.

Our range includes a mixture of shrubs and herbaceous perennials for added interest in your garden. Shrubs form the backbone of most garden designs and are used as a backdrop, screen or companions to other plant groups. Herbaceous perennials will return each spring and they require little help so are perfect for low maintenance gardens.

View full range here.

what's new at thompson & morgan

What makes us stand out?

No other UK mail order company can boast their own breeding programme, at Thompson & Morgan we are extremely proud to say we can. Past breeding successes include customer favourites, Foxglove ‘Illumination Pink’ and Cosmos ‘Cupcakes’. Not only that, they have won numerous prestigious awards worldwide too!

There is so much going on with Thompson & Morgan right now and a lot of exciting things to come so do join in the gardening community on our Facebook and Twitter pages and sign up to our email newsletters for special offers.

If you have any suggestions for us on how to improve our service we will be more than happy to hear them, help us help you!

Happy Gardening.

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