Thompson & Morgan’s horticultural innovators who won the Plant of the Year at the Chelsea Flower Show 2012 and introduced the amazing TomTato® have done it again!

They have now developed a brand new strain of sunflower which generates its own electricity from the central stem.

The PowerFlower can charge mobile phones and tablets or can be used for lighting. Plants are supplied 12 inches high, and in bud. Customers can buy a “SunCharge” model, which features a unique waterproof USB port, pre-installed into the stem, for charging a range of devices with USB connections. Alternatively, the “SunLight” model is available, where the main flower head has a light bulb socket pre-installed, meaning the plant can be used for lighting in the home.

World’s first electricity-generating sunflower!

This dwarf, potted PowerFlower is the first step in a whole new world of electricity. A strong charge is created due to friction built up in the fibrous tissue of the plant stem. However, the exact technology of the patented “S-Stem” is being kept a closely guarded secret for the moment; however it’s guaranteed that the PowerFlower will change the face of gardening and energy sources across the globe.

With the release of the taller versions (estimated as 2016), gardens could be dedicated to just growing this variety and powering people’s homes, with an underground network of power leads filling borders. Gone are the days of mass fields of sunflowers growing across France for cut flowers, there will now be fields generating power for the world.

Masterminded by Thompson & Morgan’s development team with the help of leading scientist Professor Paolo Rilf, the PowerFlower is a long blooming variety, which lasts up to 4 weeks in flower. Even when the petals fall and the seed head begins to develop, the whole plant is still producing electricity within the S-Stem.

New Product Development Manager, Michael Perry said “The PowerFlower is capable of producing unlimited electricity over an 8 week period. With a dose of Thompson & Morgan’s exclusive new Incredibloom® fertiliser technology, you can increase the strength of that electricity by up to 4 times.”

Thompson & Morgan is planning to release this variety during late 2014. When buying a PowerFlower, customers can choose between the “SunCharge” USB pack, or the “SunLight” table lamp unit, and plants are ready for producing electricity immediately. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

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