Young plants - taking the fuss out of gardening

Geranium ‘T&M’s Choice Mixed’

Young plants – what’s all the fuss about?

The world has changed so much over the last 20 years and we seem to have less and less leisure time. Thankfully, the gardening world has changed as well. And, now, customers looking for a fast-track way of growing can buy a whole range of young plants, delivered to your door, and in a much wider range than you’d find in any garden centre!

Thompson & Morgan takes the difficult bit out of growing… the germination. It’s something that often requires tricky conditions, consistent temperatures, and time and patience.

We do all the germinating for you, raising our young plants in module trays of various sizes, and then pack them so they’re delivered to your door in tip-top condition!

Young plants - taking the fuss out of gardening

Fuchsia ‘Giants Collection’

We pride ourselves on being able to offer varieties with garden performance, rather than “pack” performance. Varieties that look pristine and are in flower in the garden centre or DIY store often fail when planted into the garden – they simply run of steam. However, our varieties will perform all through the season, and in colours and mixes the shops just don’t bother to sell.

Browse our range of plants and you’ll see what I mean. Any young plants can be grown on the windowsill too – it’s not about having a greenhouse or conservatory. If you really want to get growing, you can always set up a table in a well-lit back bedroom. All the plants need is light and warmth!

Young plants - taking the fuss out of gardening

Busy Lizzie ‘Divine T&M’s Choice’

So, what you waiting for?!

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