Bright red acer leaves drenched rain

Acers are famous for their dazzling leaf colour
Image: Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ from T&M

If you want to fill your garden with striking colours and textures, look no further than acers and Japanese maples. With a palette that includes striking blood red leaves, delicate pink variegation, and acid greens, this diverse group has something for every garden. We asked our favourite bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers which varieties they love to grow, as well as their practical tips for planting and caring for these striking trees. Here’s their advice.

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Acers make excellent container trees in small urban gardens

Red acer next to blue chair and plant pot

The vibrant red leaves on ‘Orange Dream’ contrast beautifully with the blue chair and pot
Image: @londoncottagegarden

Acer “Orange Dream” is looking better than it ever has before and loves being in a pot,” says Instagrammer Julie Quinn from @londoncottagegarden. This fabulous small tree is a real asset in her London garden. It doesn’t need a large pot to thrive either, she adds. Check out the eye-catching October foliage on the same tree just three years later.

Dark coloured acers look striking against light backgrounds

Dark purple acer leaves

Acer ‘Bloodgood’ has almost black foliage
Image: @christophhowell

Experienced horticulturist Chris shares a fantastic photo of acer ‘Bloodgood’ over at his Instagram page @christophhowell. He says that this variety has one of the deepest colour leaves available: “an intense purple, appearing almost black when placed against a light background and the red midrib to the leaf sets it off beautifully.” Having left Brimingham Botanical Gardens, Chris has just started a new job at John Massey’s garden at Ashwood – follow him on Insta for lots of inspirational photos.

Acers make striking focal points when used as specimen trees

Manor house with red acer tree

Acer ‘Osakazuki’ appears to be illuminated from within during October
Image: @sashinthegarden

Garden-lover Sash York from @sashinthegarden says that acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’ is her top choice. This fiery variety is not one to hide in a crowd and makes an incredible focal point in her meadow when its super strong, fiery autumn colour emerges. If you’re stuck for choice, Sash advises visiting an arboretum. Then you can see all the acers in their autumn glory, pick one that catches your eye, and order from a reputable seller. Follow her on Instagram for glorious photos of her very special garden.

Water your acers with collected rainwater

Bright green acer leaves

The fresh green of new acer leaves brightens up the patio in spring
Image: @russellinthebushes123

Scroll through Sue’s photos at @russelinthebushes to see the amazing spectrum of colours that her pot-grown acer rotates through! From electric green new leaves that light up the space in spring through to a gorgeous variegated leaf that finally turns to a deep burgundy in autumn, her images capture the whole cycle. She recommends watering container-grown acers with collected rainwater, and these bright leaf colours are evidence that she might be onto something!

Acers don’t require pruning

Man touching leaves of golden acer tree

Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’ is a wonderful tree in any garden
Image: Adam’s Gardening Guides

YouTuber Adam’s East Midlands garden is the perfect spot to grow Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’, which he loves for its fantastic golden foliage. Don’t bother pruning your acer because they just don’t need it, says Adam at his excellent YouTube channel Adam’s Gardening Guides. At most, all you need to do is remove any diseased or dead branches using sharp clean secateurs. He recommends regular watering to encourage rich, healthy leaf growth.

Enjoy delicate flowers on mature acer palmatum trees

Closeup of red flowers on acers

Acer flowers are a lovely sight in spring
Image: @dawns_gardening

Acer trees produce flowers too! Dawn from @dawns_gardening planted her Acer palmatum about 25 years ago and says that it has produced these delicate little red blooms for the last four years. A beautiful contrast to the fresh green spring foliage, she’s even seen some evidence of self-seeding. Dawn says that the attractive winged seed pods take flight in the wind and give you more plants. Visit her full post for more information.

Use ericaceous compost for container-grown acers

Acer tree in container flanking doorway

Acer trees are fantastic marking an entryway
Image: @paul_at_keeperscottage

Over at @paul_at_keeperscottage, Paul uses ericaceous compost to keep his potted acer trees happy. They don’t like to be in pots that are too big, he says, “so whatever the size of the container you get them in, you only need to go for one pot size larger.” He recommends moving your trees into new pots every two to three years and adding a little bit of special acer feed to give them a welcome boost. See his collection of fantastic acers in their autumnal splendour over at his Instagram page.

Stimulate a small acer into growth by moving to a larger pot

Green acer in white container with white stones

Acer shirasawanum ‘Moonrise’ slowly changes from green to cerise as the season progresses
Image: Acer shirasawanum ‘Moonrise’ from T&M

Do you want your acer to grow quicker? Plant it into a bigger pot, says tropical plant enthusiast Chris Ridley AKA the Tropical Plant Guy. This stimulates faster growth as your acer tree spreads to fit the pot it finds itself in. In the same vein, if you want to slow down your acer’s growth, choose a pot with a more snug fit. Follow Chris’s step-by-step process to pot on your acer tree successfully.

Order acers from reputable suppliers to avoid disease

Man sitting next to acer in shade

Keep your acers in a sheltered spot to keep them safe from leaf burn
Image: Walking Talking Gardeners

Horticulturist Simon has five rules for success with acers. Number one is to get your new trees from a reputable supplier. This way you don’t only get a great product, you avoid receiving any unwanted soil-borne diseases like pesky verticillium wilt that can ruin the foliage, he explains at his YouTube channel Walking Talking Gardeners. Watch his helpful video to learn his other four rules.

Terracotta pots perfectly complement the colours of acers

Closeup of red acer leaf

Acer acer ‘Starfish’ makes the perfect focal point for a new space
Image: Acer palmatum ‘Starfish’ from T&M/©Visions BV, Netherlands

Over at the Thompson & Morgan blog, Karen Pratt transforms her neglected garden using an acer ‘Starfish’. Acting as the main focal point in a newly-designed area, her deeply lobed, unusual acer looks perfect in a Beth Chatto inspired terracotta pot. Shelter your acer from wind to avoid any trouble with scorching, she advises. See her journey from ‘concrete mess’ to colourful success in her fun blog post.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the best acer information from the web. Why not share your own acer trees online and tag us using the #YourTMGarden so we can be equally inspired by you! Keep up with everything we do on X and by following us on Instagram.

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