Add some festive colour to the dark winter months this Christmas.

Our winter-flowering houseplants make growing gifts which everyone will love. A gift of brightly coloured flowers raises Christmas spirits and what’s more, green gifts are not just for Christmas, but continue to give pleasure through coming seasons.

Christmas houseplants also make great festive decorations. Beautiful plants themed in red, green, and white look stylish and bring natural winter beauty into your home.

The Top 5 Best Christmas Houseplant Gifts

Narcissus ‘Tete a Tete’

The vivid yellow of these miniature daffodils will brighten up gloomy winter days. One of the most popular dwarf daffodils, Narcissus ‘Tete a Tete’ is also delightfully fragrant. Our specially prepared and timed bulbs are delivered just sprouting, ready to burst into flower once in the warmth of your home. Put them outside after flowering and they will continue to bloom year after year. Give these cheeky little daffs to someone and they are bound to put a smile on their face.  

Christmas Cactus ‘Tricolour’

Image: Visions BV, Netherlands

Arguably the best Christmas-flowering houseplant, this Christmas cactus bursts into a tropical mix of pinks which will banish winter chills. Putting on a phenomenal two-month flowering display from late November into January, Christmas Cactus Tricolour is also one of the easiest houseplants to grow. Rest it after flowering and this bumper bloomer will put on a stunning performance every winter.

Hyacinth ‘Pink Pearl’ and ‘White Pearl’

One of the most intensely scented flowers, Hyacinths will quickly fill a whole room with their exquisite fragrance. Their pearly, starry blooms are perfect for a touch of Christmas twinkle. Choose pretty-in-pink Hyacinth ‘Pink Pearl’, or snowy white Hyacinth ‘White Pearl’. Both varieties have been specially coaxed to flower over Christmas and will re-flower outdoors each spring

Begonia ‘Borias Rosebud’

Producing masses of miniature rose-like double blooms from winter into spring, Begonia ‘Borias Rosebud’ is a real stunner. This living bouquet is the ideal gift for someone you love.

The Top 5 Best Christmas Houseplant Decorations

Hibiscus ‘Festive Flair’

This red-hot hibiscus will turn up the heat on cold Christmas nights. Its luscious, trumpet-shaped flowers make a wonderfully festive welcome to the home. In the warmest months of the new year, it can be moved to a sunny patio to bloom again.

Single Snowdrops

Create a charming New Year’s display with these dainty snowdrops which promise the coming spring. After flowering, plant them outside in the garden to enjoy their honey-scented, nodding blooms the following year.


A stylish decoration for the Christmas home, the sculptural blooms of the red amaryllis create a striking statement. Deep, velvety red, they also make romantic gifts. And if you like your Christmas to sparkle, our Amaryllis Pot with LED lights will do the trick.

Anthurium ‘Million Flower’

The ‘Flamingo Flower’ will bring cheer not just at Christmas but for many months. Anthurium ‘Million Flower’ produces exotic red blooms intermittently throughout the year, each one lasting for up to three months. The bright red spathes and glossy green leaves bring a jungle vibe into the home.

Princettia ‘White’

The most popular Christmas plant is undoubtedly the Poinsettia. But instead of traditional red, this one comes in classic, frosty white. Princettia ‘White’ brings brightness on short winter days, its simple green and white colour scheme looks perfect on its own or pair it with a traditional red Poinsettia for an effective contrast.


Houseplants are a green gift which everyone will enjoy. Look in our Christmas section for more festive greenery and inspiring gifts.  

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