Red azalea hoop from T&M

Adorn your mantlepiece with stunning Christmas gifts from Thompson & Morgan
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Christmas is a time to be thankful and show people you care – whether it’s through the exchange of thoughtful gifts, spending time together, or taking a moment to catch up on news. 

And what better way to spread goodwill than with the surprise delivery of a festive houseplant? These eco-friendly gifts can be easily ordered from home, and will continue to give pleasure long after the tinsel has been returned to the loft. Here are five cracking choices from T&M’s Christmas gift selection

Spider Azalea ‘Winter Beauty’

Spider Azalea 'Winter Beauty' from T&M

‘Winter Beauty’ costs £22.99

Reminiscent of a little Christmas tree frosted with snow, the bright and starry blooms of this Spider Azalea burst into life during December and last for several months. For the rest of the year, a shapely cone of dark, glossy, evergreen foliage lends an exotic feel to your conservatory or patio. A special gift that radiates cool Scandi style.

Azalea Hoop ‘Red’

Azalea Hoop 'Red' from T&M

Azalea Hoop ‘Red’ costs £34.99

Trained to form a beautiful floral wreath, this striking Azalea Hoop looks magnificent on a mantelpiece over the festive season. Traditionally, azalea flowers were sent to remind loved ones to take care of themselves, while in Chinese culture they symbolise happy times spent at home. The perfect gift for those you hold near and dear.

Lit Hyacinth Bowl

Lit Hyacinth Bowl from T&M

Lit Hyacinth Bowl costs £22.99

Exquisitely perfumed, this elegant glass bowl filled with gleaming White Hyacinths makes a beautiful Christmas table centrepiece or window display to welcome family home. Lit by a delicate string of fairy lights, the sparkling simplicity of this popular flower brings a real touch of class to any room. Ideal for anyone who loves a white Christmas.

Clivia Miniata in Zinc Pot

Lit Hyacinth Bowl from T&M

Clivia Miniatia costs £19.99

Originating from South Africa, this spectacular tropical houseplant will delight green-fingered friends and family. Prized for its bright orange flowers with delicate yellow throats, the Clivia Miniata is just as impressive when not in bloom with sculptural evergreen leaves that grow up to 60cm long. A gift that will bring joy for many years to come.

Poinsettia ‘Q-Ismas Star Mojito’

Poinsettia 'Q-Ismas Star Mojito' from Thompson & Morgan

‘Q-Ismas Star Mojito’ costs £19.99

For a sensational twist on a seasonal favourite, ‘Q-Ismas Star Mojito’ is the guiding star of poinsettias. Deep green, heart-shaped leaves contrast with bright yellow bracts to striking effect. Not sure how poinsettias came to be associated with Christmas? Legend has it that, long ago, a Mexican child’s religious offering of weeds were turned to poinsettia ‘flowers’ as part of a Christmas miracle. However it came about, this glorious plant remains the perfect way to convey your message of love and goodwill.

We hope we’ve persuaded you to go green this Christmas. With free personalised gift cards and just one delivery charge regardless of how many Christmas Gifts you send, T&M has you covered.


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