Don’t get caught out with a dull garden next spring… just a bit of planning now could mean you have a display to be proud of!

Plan your garden for a stunning display

Pansy ‘Matrix Mixed’

We offer a huge range of young plants which can’t be found elsewhere; selected for garden performance, and unique and often exclusive. Plants for hanging baskets, window boxes, pots, beds and borders, everything from pansies to polyanthus, wallflowers to violas.

I know how dull the winter and spring can be, so you’ll find our designer mixes and blends are put together with colour AND fragrance in mind – our ‘Most Scented’ range is a great example of this. We’ve been sniffing 100s of varieties to make sure we have the most aromatic ones all in a single mixture. Imagine how that sweet fragrance will punch through the winter air!

Plan your garden for a stunning display

Primrose ‘Husky Mixed’

For winter-flowering, plants also need to be tough and hardy, so that’s why we’ve put together mixes like primrose ‘Husky Mixed’, which thrives in cold, snowy conditions. And with pansy ‘Matrix Mixed’, the strongest pansy in the marketplace, plants are 3 times the size of usual pansies, with extra branching, giving extra flowers on a stronger, hardier growth habit.

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