There are so many beautiful plants for hanging baskets out there, from trailing plants to your annuals and evergreens. But how do you pick the right ones?

For me, it depends on what kind of ‘look’ I am going for. In spring I tend to go for a big, bright and bold display so I fill my baskets with Begonia ‘Apricot Shades’. And in winter, I still put my baskets to good use and select a more hardy variety such as viola most scented mix to cheer up my garden in the duller months (I don’t want to wish away summer but for more information on planting winter hanging baskets click here) Some people even consider colour scheme and companion planting, but essentially choosing the right hanging basket plants really is personal preference.

plants for hanging baskets

Winner of staff Begonia Competition

Begonia ‘Apricot Shades’ are my favourite hanging basket plants. They have a trailing habit which makes them ideal for hanging baskets, as well as window boxes and flower pouches. Their large cascading blooms are undoubtedly the most eye catching plants in my garden from July to October.

plants for hanging baskets

Bacopa ‘Snowtopia’

For a more subtle look, Bacopa ‘Snowtopia’ is the perfect filler! Another tumbling variety that bears snow white flowers throughout summer, but will also have your baskets looking full of colour for longer.

plants for hanging baskets

Sunflower ‘Inca Gold’

Why not have some fun with your hanging baskets and fill them with a more unusual choice, Sunflower ‘Inca Gold’. This cheery little helianthus has lax, trailing stems and a multi-branching habit that billow from hanging baskets in a mass of small sunflower blooms. An excellent choice for Year of the Sunflower 2015!

Choosing the right hanging basket plants is the easy part! I find some hanging basket containers are really difficult to use. Some require a mesh lining to hold in both compost and the plants, and I always manage to get compost all over the place.  This year I found the perfect one, the easy fill hanging basket. Which are exactly that, easy! No liner is required and with removable gates planting has never been so easy!

plants for hanging baskets

I would love to see your hanging basket displays if you have any.

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