There’s a greenhouse to suit every garden – be it large or small! The protected growing conditions that greenhouses provides is invaluable. Just think how much earlier you could start germinating seeds, or maybe you would like to grow some of the less hardy plants available. Better still, a greenhouse offers a dry sheltered spot for potting and sowing, or maybe just to drink a well earned cuppa while you shelter from the elements. A greenhouse can completely revolutionise the way that you use your garden, opening up so many new opportunities.

There are so many greenhouses available that choosing the right one can prove daunting. We’ve brought together our top 10 favourite greenhouses from our range to help you narrow it down. Take a look at this handy article and find your perfect greenhouse today. Alternatively, you can browse our entire range of greenhouses available to buy online.


  1. GreenhouseEezee greenhouse – A portable plastic greenhouse

For a no fuss portable, plastic greenhouse that can be erected in just 10 minutes the Eezee Greenhouse is perfect. Ideal for potting on your perennials or germinating seeds this super little greenhouse is a great first time greenhouse or is space is at a premium in a small garden. Tall enough to stand up in, it folds away when not needed to a handy-sized package which can be stored away during the winter months. This great mini growhouse is ideal for protecting plants from cold, wet and rainy weather, and the adjustable vents mean you can regulate air flow allowing your young plants the best start in life. No accessories needed.


  1. Halls 4ft x 2ft Wall Garden Lean To – A small lean-to greenhouse

If space is at a premium in your garden or outdoor space, this fantastic little lean to greenhouse will give you ample growing room under glass. Halls Garden Lean To has enough space to grow seeds in trays, potted plants and perhaps also a tomato plant, meaning you have enough room for all the average gardeners needs. Best constructed against a wall in a sunny position, this lean to looks great over decking and patio areas. This lean to has a strong aluminium frame and an opening roof vent, with a sliding door for easy and convenient access, making this great lean to perfect for all your garden needs. No accessories are required.


  1. GreenhouseEden 6ft x 4ft Wide Birdlip – Our smallest freestanding greenhouse

One of the smallest freestanding structure greenhouse in our range the Eden Birdlip Greenhouse is ideal if space is tight or you have a particularly small garden. Perfect for the allotment or if you are new to gardening with a limited budget. This compact greenhouse is perfect for raising young plug plants, for overwintering your perennials and for springtime hardening off. The open roof vent means you can regulate air flow, and the smooth action sliding door allows for easy access, and as it is a sliding door it will not take any room up in the garden or greenhouse. The Eden range comes with an extensive range of accessories to maximise your growing environment and utilise space.


  1. Eden Burford 6ftx6ft Wide Greenhouse – The ideal beginners 6×6 greenhouse

A great first time greenhouse the Eden Burford Greenhouse is perfect to house your young plants, or overwintering your perennials or hardening off in springtime. With 2 large roof vents more air is able to flow through, keeping the temperature regulated and making sure your young plants have the best start in life. This great little greenhouse comes with built in guttering to collect rainwater, and with a smooth-action single sliding door that allows easy access, and wont take up room in the greenhouse. The Eden Burford range comes with an extensive range of accessories to maximise growing room and utilise space in the greenhouse.


  1. GreenhouseGrowhouse Classic Lean-To (6ft x 10ft) – A large Victorian tall wall greenhouse

When space is at a premium but gardening is your passion, the Growhouse Classic Lean To is perfect for you. Ideally suited to a south facing wall or large courtyard garden this well designed, and highly functional Victorian tall wall greenhouse is ideal for overwintering your plug plants, hardening off your springtime vegetables and germinating your seeds. With an apex roof which is perfect for those taller plants and ample room for both shelving and staging you will be amazed at how much you can grow, and with the added bonus of roof vents you can regulate temperature to suit your plants, making this lean to more like a fully functioning greenhouse. Accessories available to increase your growing environment.


  1. 6×10 Growhouse Cedar Greenhouse – A wooden frame greenhouse

Growhouse Cedar Greenhouse is one of the most attractive stand alone greenhouses which will compliment your garden colour scheme perfectly. With a generous footprint providing room for growing your plants from seed, overwintering young plug plants, this fantastic natural finish greenhouse is perfect if you are new to gardening. This wooden greenhouse will serve as a great place to relax and unwind while enjoying some sedentary gardening and with 4 good sized vents giving greater air volume control and reduced temperature fluctuation you won’t beat this beautiful greenhouse. Growhouse accessories available to extend your growing environment.


  1. GreenhouseHalls Supreme 12ft x 8ft Double Door Greenhouse – A medium size double door greenhouse

A larger garden needs a larger greenhouse, and this beautiful Halls Supreme 12ft x 8ft Double Door Greenhouse has a traditional feel with functionality as key. With double doors which can open out to allow air flow in and regulate temperature, and 4 roof vents for added control, you will be able to include many new varieties of plants and seeds with the extensive footprint of this greenhouse plus all the usual greenhouse activities of potting up perennials or hardening off vegetables during spring and cultivating seeds, and with the extra room perhaps grow some of the more exotic varieties. Large enough to include a table and chairs and plenty of room for tomatoes, and other hot house plants this large, traditional greenhouse is perfect for the serious gardener and allotment grower to produce everything they want.


  1. Juliana Premium Greenhouse (9ft x 9ft) – A medium high specification greenhouse

This premium greenhouse is an excellent choice for the more serious gardener and allotment grower. Unique and sophisticated the Scandinavian design is the only aluminium greenhouse endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Perfect for all the usual greenhouse activities including overwintering delicate plants, protecting new shoots, cultivating from seed and as there is more room perhaps growing those exotic plants can be a reality.

One of the best features of this greenhouse is the double stable doors, opening outwards to give maximum space inside, and like all stable doors they open at the top to keep the fresh air flowing in and by closing the bottom keep the garden pests out. A low threshold entrance allows easy access for both wheelchairs and wheelbarrows providing excellent manoeuvrability making this wonderful greenhouse a perfect addition to your garden. Juliana comes with a full range of accessories and glazing options.


  1. GreenhouseHalls Magnum 14ft x 8ft Wide Greenhouse – A large all-purpose greenhouse

This large all-purpose greenhouse will provide the serious gardener or allotment grower with all the space required to grow and cultivate a whole variety of plants. From hothouse plants such as tomatoes to growing exotic varieties never tried before, this large greenhouse has room for it all. With 4 large vents for controlling air flow and temperature regulation this greenhouse serves every possible need, and is large enough to include a table and chairs so it can double up as a conservatory. With a choice of colours to match garden colour schemes and with double doors to allow excellent manoeuvrability this extra large greenhouse will make a good looking addition to your garden. Halls Magnum comes with a full range of accessories and glazing options.


  1. Juliana Gardener Greenhouse (12ft x 19ft) – An extra large high specification greenhouse

One of the largest greenhouses in our range is designed for the professional gardener and allotment grower who needs more than the average greenhouse working space. This huge greenhouse is perfect for the gardener who wants to have maximum space to grow, plant, experiment and improve their gardening techniques, and does not want to leave any variety out from their extensive range of produce. This enormous greenhouse is perfect for all the normal greenhouse activities, such as overwintering your perennials and delicate plants, growing your own herbs and vegetables all year round, cultivating from seed old favourites and new and exotic varieties; and because it is so big you will find you never have to choose which plants you want to grow and which you just do not have any room for. The expertly designed double stable doors, which open outwards keep the fresh air flowing in and the closed bottom half keep the garden pests out. With a low threshold entrance allowing easy access for both wheelchairs and wheelbarrows, this extremely large greenhouse has enough room to add a table and chairs and has the appearance of a much more expensive orangery, making this greenhouse perfect for all your needs and much more besides. Juliana comes with a full range of accessories and glazing options.

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