Group of pink clematis flowers

Grow ‘Nelly Moser’ against a north-facing wall
Image: Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ from T&M

A ‘Montana’ for spring and a ‘Nelly Moser’ for summer used to be enough to satisfy most gardeners, but clematis are changing, and so too is their use in the garden. We now have so many new and exciting varieties to choose from, including some that are perfect for patio and container growing. New product development manager, Michael Perry, says:

Every garden should include a clematis, they lend themselves to any style, from cottage to contemporary and there’s one for every area of the garden.

Here are our hort team’s top five clematis to try. Looking for even more inspiration? Browse our full range of clematis plants to find the perfect specimen for your outdoor space.

1. Clematis napaulensis

Group of white clematis with coloured stamen

Train clematis up a pergola or a wall
Image: Clematis napaulensis from T&M

Clematis napaulensis is cloaked in lush green foliage from autumn to early summer. Its bell-shaped, winter blooms release a delicate perfume that hangs on the cool December air, forming interesting seed heads as spring approaches. This extraordinary, low-maintenance clematis needs little pruning, making it ideal for brightening the dull winter months.

2. Clematis ‘Little Lemons’

Yellow clematis in container

This new clematis is perfect for containers
Image: Clematis ‘Little Lemons’ from T&M (© Plantipp / Visions BV, Netherlands)

Perfect for window boxes, containers, or in mixed borders, Clematis ‘Little Lemons’ is instantly recognisable as a clematis tangutica variety, but without the vigorous and sprawling nature of its larger cousins. With gorgeous yellow blooms through the summer followed by fluffy seed heads, ‘Little Lemons’ is extremely hardy and pruning couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the ‘group 3’ pruning technique described in our clematis pruning guide.

3. Clematis ‘New Love’

Blue clematis with yellow stamen

Grow Clematis ‘New Love’ amongst other cottage garden favourites
Image: Clematis ‘New Love’ from T&M

Herbaceous clematis romp happily through perennial borders at ground level, or can be draped over low walls in a wave of vigorous foliage. The star-shaped, indigo blooms of Clematis ‘New Love’ have slender, refluxed petals and a lovely sweet fragrance. This spectacular variety is best grown among tall perennials such as lupins, foxgloves, and delphiniums and makes superb ground cover for cottage garden planting schemes.

4. Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’

White winter clematis with green foliage

‘Winter Beauty’ has beautiful flowers and scent through the coldest months
Image: Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ from T&M

This superb evergreen clematis bears its delicately fragrant, waxy, bell-shaped flowers in the depths of winter. The foliage on Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ is so lush that you’ll think it’s summertime all year round! This sought-after variety appreciates a sheltered site with some winter protection.

5. Clematis ‘Taiga’

Purple and green clematis

Clematis ‘Taiga’ is often mistaken for passion flowers
Image: Clematis ‘Taiga’ from T&M

Bred to be a showstopper, grow Clematis ‘Taiga’ against walls, fences or even in containers to enjoy an eye-catching display of two-toned blooms. Despite its opulent appearance, this gorgeous clematis is undemanding and hardy, only requiring a hard annual prune once a year.

If you’ve been inspired to grow more clematis in your garden, take a look at our dedicated page of clematis articles and resources for tips. Have a favourite variety of your own? Share your images using the #myTMgarden hashtag.

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